Whats up?

Now 9 weeks after a broken kneecap everything is back to normal like nothing happen.

Thats how I roll. 


I was on the phone with my good friend Mel talking about what we’re thinking about attempting in 2014.

That would include races and adventures like, trail running stage races in europe, marathons, trail runs, adventure races for me, winter pentathlon, winter triathlon….

For our 40th we started looking at some more complex, long and unknown destinations…our brain is already exploding from our imagination.

But back to now, this weekend Im attempting my first winter triathlon: 5km of snowshoe, 12 km of speed skating (maybe not speed for me) and 8km of cross-country skiing to finish it off. That should be fun. I think I might put a kneecap protector…



Les 100 a B7!!

THANKS  for all your support over my long career! this weekend showed me how the Quebec cycling community is very genuine

thoughtful and supportive.

We wanted to put together a beautiful event for the passionate cyclist in all of you. Nic legault and I, with the help of so many people did it!

We can’t thank you all enough for the success of the first edition of ‘LES 100 A B7″ !!

see you next year!

PS: wrote it in english for all my friends that came over the border for the event!


Welcome back ..to me!!

I am not going to tell you everything that happen to me in the last 6 months…between a broken kneecap, dislocated shoulder x3, a christmas in Belgium and starting to run again …instead I will tell you what’s on tap for 2013!

Racing for me is now in the past. After a Gold medal in London with Robbi on the tandem I can now remember the best years of my career and be proud. I have to says thanks to all of you who supported and believed in me.

I am now looking to start new life adventures!

First keep an eye out for an activity to support the RED CROSS/CROIX ROUGE

The 9th of June a family activity for a great cause: walk 5km , run 5km or 10km or bike 25km. Its not a race On bouge pour la croix rouge

The 24h of Tremblant again this year with 2 teams on the 6-7th of September.

“LES 100 A B7″ a cyclosportive at 95% dirt roads in the beautiful area of Eastern Townships in Quebec. It will take place on the 12th of October with the start/finish at the cycling center in Bromont, QC. More infos on this soon with a website coming to life and registration link

I also write for the cycling magazine Cyclepresse out 4 times this season, the first one already out for you.

keep in touch! …like my mother in law always say!

Last stretch before the Games

Watching the Olympics made me realized that I will also be there soon…
Surrounded by athletes that have the strength and the heart of 100, athletes that made all the sacrifices and are ready to perform at their best. Athletes yes but amazing people that have a story that you couldn’t even imagine…Stories about life, commitment, comeback, perseverance, true fighters…they are my inspiration. My friends and paraolympic athletes, let the games bring the best out of you all !