I found it!

The candy store!!! Its on the Pier In Santa Barbara!

I did a pit stop there today on my way back from the pool. Its was a beautiful day, sunny with a nice breeze…and I needed candy!

I have that thing…for candy. Some people have it for beers or cigars, I have it for sweets. I get that from my mom and all of my sweet tooth!

As I was traveling and racing for many years I got to visit a couple of them…I even have a very nice one, actually my favorite one, in my home town Knowlton,QC. Nicole, the owner, even give me a 10% off of all my purchases:) Now thats a deal! The other good one’s are the Phily airport..I think terminal C, Powell’s candy store in Boulder and the one in Bend( I visited that one a couple times in Dec…). There is one in Redondo Beach, that one is very small and its under the walkway…you really need to use your nose to find that one!  Then, there is the Candy Man just before the ferry from Southampton…Let’s see…Rockport, MA, Beverly Farm,MA, Montreal airport,QC and more. I just can’t think of them all but I know Im missing a few. If anyone know’s about some good one’s please email me:)

Oh and the bag is empty. Already. Good thing it was small……………………. NOT!

2 more: Park City, UT( Sugar Buzz) and they have mini cupcakes!, Carpenteria, CA on Linden st ,couple blocks from the beach! (Robitaille’s fine candies)

4 thoughts on “I found it!

  1. Sugar Mountain is a decent chain of candy stores in Ottawa and Toronto. Excellent licorice, jelly bean and retro candy selection.
    So awesome that you are training for the Ironman! Very inspiring for a Canadian bike racer like me. Saw Tim out on the course in Tabor today.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Hey, don’t know if the Candy Store is up to your standards in Tremblant, I know my kids love it!!! The racing might be up to your standards in June 2010. Come visit us and take part in the Ultimate XC check the invite on facebook!

  3. Lyne…It’s always nice to see you in town (not enough times!!!..do I sound like your mother now?) but if you did spend more time here you would be HUGE with all the candies I sell you !!! 😉
    Be good now !! Nice web site !

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