My husband

Tim is an do it all kind of guy… except vacuuming of course! He races road with United health Care, and Cyclocross with Cannondale. He has NO week end off beside’s the one that Im not home!

He is currently at training camp with the boys in Tucson after a stop on the east coast for 48 hres:  just enough time for a party to say thanks to everyone for a great season and a photo shoot in NY for Men’s Journal. Yup, he is now a SUPAH STAR!

He just raced Cyclocross worlds Championship  in Tabor, Czech Republic on the 31st of January. He was shooting for a top 10 and got 14th. He did great. He told me he was happy with his race but off course wish he had a little more…Tim has always impress me as a bike racer. He is not the most powerful guy out there, not the tallest one and doesn’t have a world champion jersey in is drawers….But he has a heart and the strength of 10 when it comes to fighting for a spot, for a win, for a top 20, 15 or 10. He will NOT give up. He will dig until the tank is empty. I never saw anyone coming from behind in a race like Tim does…He can flat, roll a tire, loose 20 or more spot and still make it to the podium! To me he is the best cross racer in the US. Not only because he is my husband but because I know what a good bike racer is:)

Today I raced up Painted cave to the top of  La Cumbre peak: 53 minutes. I felt good, I used Tim’s bike and wear is vest to feel a little bit of is fight:) I did I think! Madonna, Coldplay and Buckcherry help too… but mostly the inspiration.

NOTE: This year worlds was a great one also because the city of Louisville, KY will host the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships and thats huge. It really shows how cyclocross grew in the last couple years here in America. Congrats!

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