It hasn’t been a year that I’ve started to train my swimming skills.

When I was a kid I went to summer camp at the Knowlton beach, got all the swim levels dialed, from orange to green to white. I was a pisces you know… that means I was borne with fins! Hhhhmmmmm maybe not…

I didn’t swim after that. I ran and biked. Last year I had to start training for my new goal: Ironman. I joined the Northshore swim club and got started. Craig lewin was great and help me go from orange adult swimmer to green:)

Since May last year I have been training from 2 to 3 times a week. I realized that I really needed to put more time into my swimming because in reality I am not a fish and swimming is not natural for me. I am affraid of the water. You wouldn’t be able to tell that Im affraid but I am. To not be able to breath as much as I want and when I want makes me nervous, makes me uncomfortable make me focus on the wrong things.

Tim and I have been in Santa Barbara for almost 2 months now. When I left Craig and the gang at the North Shore swim club I was wondering where I would train and who would be able to help me and spend the time one on one that I really needed like Craig was doing…

I looked around, I asked around, I tried a couple things but nothing was what I was looking for….Then Ken from team Type 1 refered me a guy. He is a kid but he know what he is doing. He used to swim in college, did water polo and coached swim teams around CA. He is perfect for me. Is name is Evan, we swim 4 to 5 times a week.  I am in the pool almost everyday, I feel the water, I feel the difference, I see the times going down…. I know Im on the right track. Evan doesn’t know me but he pushes me and showed me that there is nothing to be affraid of.

I have to say that things are going very well. And what a difference to swim in outdoor pools with the sun, it makes swimming way more fun than indoors…sorry for the one’s in MA:)

Last week I went to Ixtapa mexico for my cousin wedding , I had a Olympic pool  at 20 pesos from the hotel and a hot ocean to swim in. It was great. Another thing I went and swam with some of the bet swimmers in the worlds and learned alot….

till next time

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