Going far…

Today I had a very long run to do. The sky was blue and the temp perfect for it.

I left with 20 dollars in my pocket and my fuel belt.

I ran, ran more and more always with the wind. Passing along the Polo fields in Summerland, I got a peak at the huge flag…and it was flying high! I decided to keep going with the wind until I would be done and then I could find an option to make it back home:) I kept running feeling light on my feet as I past Carpinteria… I still had a good half an hour to go. I manage to get back to Carp with a 2h15 min on the clock. Got a coke (not diet!!) and a water and felt content with my day.

Went to the pet store on main street to ask the guy to call a cab for me:) I spent my 20 $ on dog treats and waited for my ride home out front. 20 min later he was there. Got home, gave the pooch a treat and left the house again for my short swim of the day. I’m tired.

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