The week of motion sickness

This last week,Claudia,Tim’s mom, came for 6 days to visit us here in Santa Barbara.

Before she got here we had made a list of things she might want to do : whales watching, a visit at the zoo, a motorcycle ride up on the foothills, a dinner at the beach restaurant, State street and more…We did all that + hang-gliding! YES hang-gliding.

Sunday after my swim I stopped at the beach to take a quick nap while Tim and Claudia where on the moto. As I close my eyes I hear that swooooooshhh sound coming. I didn’t have time to look that the hang-glider was passing 6 feet over my head like a big bird…a big huge bird! and landed just beside me after a loop in the air! At first I tough:” geeeeezzzzzz he scared the sh%$& out of me, I hope he was under control…” then after closing my eyes for another 10 min I decided to head back home. He was there. The guy. He was carefully packing his bird in his bag. I started talking to him and ask if he was flying people….

He gave me his card.

So monday we went whales watching. I took dramamine and didn’t feel awesome but manage to get to shore with out getting green.

In the mean time I had done a google search on the guy….*Zach Majors, hang-gliding worlds team, have been flying since …forever. Hhhhhmmmmm that will be a great adventure for my sweet mother in law:)

Wednesday we were on it. I had reserved. Claudia and I where going to fly !!!! I was very excited for her but also for me.

Again I took dramamine. We met at the landing zone and drove to the top of Gibraltar (very twisty road) I kept my eyes on the road and I was ok. Claudia had her short little talk for security  before she jump with Zac. She flew like a pro. They did some twisty things in the air and the landing only left her with a 1st base slide on the pants:)

My turn. The air was great and Zac hurried to pack the bird so we could try to reach the beach with my flight. For that we would be in the air longer and needed to get higher. Back in the truck to do that sweet drive up Gibraltar ( did I say sweet?) still felt ok on that one…maybe not…

We took off.

I was enjoying the flight as we were trying to catch some height, turning and turning more…and then…Green.

I call it green but it includes : hot flashes, sweats, puke feeling, pass out feeling, light headed…NOT GOOD. I wasn’t saying much so Zac said: “let me know if you are ok and any time we can land.” Ok I need to land ASAP:) I said.

I was waiting and waiting and the time felt still. We were stuck in the air ,I could see the landing but it felt so far away…just to far for me to hold it in!

ARRRGGGGG, YOU motion sickness, thing that I was born with, I HATE YOU!

the landing was pretty smooth but let me tell you how much I couldn’t wait to lay down in the field. My dream. I would’ve lay down anywhere really…I wasn’t green anymore but more like white, ghost color.

I lay there for a while while Zac, Tim and Claudia talked about the flights. I barely heard anything…I was out.

So that was wednesday. Remember monday we went whales watching…Well till this saturday I felt sick everyday and It seems like the green doesn’t want to leave me…I feel it once in a while.

After those two activities I told Tim to remind me, If I ever want to jump off a plane, that  Im just not made for that.


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