Oceanside 70.3

First race of the year under the belt!

Tim and I drove down on thursday afternoon after doing all our stuff at home. If you don’t know Los Angeles area, let me tell you that you don’t want to drive during the time we left:) But we were able to take a turn and jump on the scenic route along the ocean all the way to Redondo Beach, where we had dinner watching the waves, before getting back on the highway to Oceanside. Thanks to Alex Wassman for the phone call and the traffic info!

That evening we chilled at the condo with Max Ralph my FSA sponsor and Alex W. the  SRAM guru!

The morning of the race I got up @ 4 to have breakfast and finish packing my bags. I was very lucky . I only needed to ride 400m and I was at the transition area! I could actually see it from the condo! Thanks to Kyle for the hook up.

So I was in transition by 510 finding my spot among the pro’s. I of course had plenty of time to get marked, pee a couple times before the age groupers showed up and the line for the porter johns too! More time to freeze as it was early, dark and cold. I didn’t have enough clothing and wish at that point that I had brought my winter jacket:)

Saw a guy that I see on group rides and at the pool in Santa Barbara, told him good luck and got back to get into my wet suit. It was actually warmer in the wet suit than in my clothing! @ 630 they called us to the start. The water was 59 degrees and everyone was talking about how cold it would be. I had read about what people do when its that cold and I told myself that I was Canadian (that doesn’t count anymore when you’ve been in California for 4 month) and that I swam in 53 degrees in MA last year…So I put two swim caps and off I went…well it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought( I guess I still have Canadian blood!) The air was colder than the water so it made it feel warm.

Off we went! there was maybe 30 of us. I tried to put my swim practices into play, stay calm swim, breath, calm,calm,…try to draft…well that didn’t happen! I was off the pace right away! But with all the swimming I’ve done I felt way more comfortable in the water and that made me feel better. I didn’t swim fast. I was probably 3 last out of the water. But as I touch the dock I was ready to pedal and I knew I could do that!

transition 1: Wet suit off, helmet on, shoes on and go. The bike route was hard , hilly and windy (for the one’s that wants to know: I had a pair of MAVIC ULTIMATES and they were great). I felt confident and I had to remember to hold back a little. I stayed calm over the hills and kept the pace up other wise. 15 miles to go my chain got stuck and it moved the rear brake and the wheel. I had to stop and try to fix it but sometimes with the adrenaline and everything your brain become mmmhhhhh numb:) I manage to think but lost about 3 minutes.

T2; by the time I reach t2 I had passed 13 Pro women on the bike and I was ready to run. I had drunk all my bottles on the bike and my gels. So I felt like I was going to be good to go. Wellllllllll:) first 4 miles I was doing ok but not like I wanted to feel. Then mile 5 came…CRAMPS! Both of my quads stop working telling me that I didn’t take care of them properly, that they need more food, more electrolytes , more salt, more foooddddddd! I tried to keep running but at that point it wasn’t running anymore. At mile 6 I called it a day.

What I learn:

-Those triathletes are amazingly fast

-Training and racing are 2 different things

-I need to eat more, drink more and pay better attention to what I need on race day and the days before.

-The marker that they use is a pain to get off your skin and it shows how old you are…well I was suppose to only have P for pro on my calf but the sweet little man that marked me thought I was a age grouper and ask me my age…I had no time to say hey! I …..that the marker was on my leg writing that BIG 35 and then I said” but Im in the Pro” he said opppsss and made a huge P under the 35!

-I need to give myself a chance

So in general it was a good day and a good learning experience. I would’ve had the best bike split if I didn’t have to stop on the bike which make me happy.

Thanks everyone for cheering for me that day via the athlete’s tracker, I could feel all you guys helping me go up the hills!

Thanks to all my sponsors

Till next time

A good friend of mine just send me that  and I thought it was perfect.


2 thoughts on “Oceanside 70.3

  1. Hi, how are you? … would you share with me where the Tirathlon was and what it’s ‘distance’ was? Yeah, food / electrolytes for Tri’s are a bear to dial in. Each distance is a whole different ‘formula’/balance.

    When/which is the next one?
    cheers julie

  2. Hi, Lyne. I’m a friend of Chris Schmidt’s (I worked at LWC for almost 10 years) and he shared your blog with me. He and I are also virtual training partners on http://teamtoppertri.blogspot.com.
    As a triathlete, I was very impressed to hear of your joining the pro ranks. Way to go! I wish you all the best on your goal of Kona 2010. That would be terrific.
    Sorry to hear about you having to call it a day at Oceanside. I know you’ve been competing long enough to know that somedays just don’t go as we planned. I like that you took some lessons from it and have a positive attitude moving forward.
    Best of luck to you and Tim in the year ahead. I look forward to keeping up with you.
    Kia Kaha!

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