Ironman St-George last part

As I was walking back to the truck with all my belongings. I crossed paths with a couple of my quebec friends that where also racing Ironman. I used to run with one in university, the other I do some crazy trail marathons with each fall:) Both took pictures with me like I was a superstar but really that day they were, because they finished. It was nice tho and I smiled.

That night I could barely walk and it took me a while to accept the fact that I didn’t finish the way I wanted. Well I didn’t finish at all. I know I am hard on myself but that is something that seems to stick with me.

We headed out to In n Out Buger for dinner (it was my first time and they are for sure NOT awesome) but I was so tired and I didn’t want to think about what to eat and where to eat.

I did get up enough energy to play a game of scrabble that night and…I lost again:)

Spent the next day driving home thinking about what I had just done, the training, the learning experiences etc. Thinking about what was going to be next: readjust the goals, put things into perspective, and realize what it means to be a triathlete and really what kind of triathlete am I…

One thought on “Ironman St-George last part

  1. I race St. George too and it was a super tough course. I am REALLY impressed that you toughed it out with a broken finger. That makes you hard core FOR SURE!

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