Life keeps me busy!

Here I am, after a winter in Santa Barbara, a spring bouncing around from Canada and Beverly and now living the hot summer of New england, so many things happened and are still happenning! Tim is back on his feet or should I say ankle, racing and finishing off the road season that he never really saw this year.

Me? Ah you know not that much! Not! I realised that Ironman was hard. I new it was going to be, but I didn’t think that I wouldn’t be able to finish. My hamstring issue off the bike into the run was a big problem and its just starting to feel better after 2 months. So Im not saying that the Ironman aventure is over but I needed to take a step back. Up next, Savageman in September and probably one last triathlon of the season in November.

In the meantime I have been up in Canada to see my friends and family. My mom is recovering from cancer and my dad always trying to be in control of his Lupus. They are doing well, getting back to life after 2 hard years. Back on the Moto’s and my dad started to ride his bike…at first it was hard to ride even 25 km. Then I told him he didn’t have to worry if he couldn’t get back home, he could just stop and call the taxi (my mom)! He did. One morning he left and after probably 60km he stopped, had enough and called my mom. Perfect. Now that my mom is feeling better she is riding with him.

What else? I accepted a position to pilot (on a tandem) for a blind paracyclist athlete for Canada, did national championships after only being on a tandem twice and we won the road race! Now on to the world championships at the end of August in Baie Comeau, QC CAN. It’s an adventure to have someone that trusts you riding on a bike. She puts her head down and listens to my commands and pedals. After we cross a finishline she would ask:” did we win?” and I would tell her yes! She then patted me on the back and was so happy! Great feeling.

and then…Tim and I bought a house, my coaching little business is going well, I did 2 long trail running races and am planning on another longer one at the end of September and even more fun adventures I’ll tell you about soon, stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Life keeps me busy!

  1. Hi Lyne, we LOVE you! Are we doing Ironman Lake Placid together next year? I got my spot. You could pull me with a bungee to the finish line like the good old days… George

  2. Hey Lyne…I was lucky enough to catch Tim for about 15 minutes the other day here in Chi-town…..was great to see him and I missed seeing you…..I am so psyched for you with the tandem event that you are a part of….that sounds amazing!! Hope all is well

  3. I’m from Chute-aux-Outardes near Baie-Comeau. I was there when Your and your partener Robbi Weldon WIN the gold medal… YESSS…My husband was volontery on the organisation with his motorbike, Im proud of him too. I hope you ‘re enjoy of your time past in Baie-Comeau.


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