Back home :)

Im sitting here in my new home near Boston, MA thinking about the last 2 weeks.

Im still on the clouds after a gold medal at the Para-cycling world Championship with my stoker Robbie  Weldon in the tandem race….I can’t really find the words to express how I felt when we both crossed the line. We were racing in our own country with all canadian fans cheering for us every lap and soooooo loud at the finish! It was a moment that reminded me my first big win in 1998 at the Commonwealth Games. I had goose bumps, I had tears, my parents were there, my friends, the staff , my teammates but mostly my partner in crime Robbie.

Without her, that day would’ve been impossible. With her drive , her strength, her great attitude, motivation and leg power, together we raced for our country and every second of the race we had the same goal, same pedal stroke, same killer eyes.

Thanks Robbie

more to come

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