Vitesse: our brown girl

Last year in January, my mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer.

This year in January, my brown pup was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer.

My best friend’s dad said that Vitesse took my mom’s cancer to save her life…I believe him. Vitesse is always the first one to take care of a tear, a sadness or a sickness. She is always there when you need her, she loves you no matter what, she give’s kisses even when you don’t ask for them, she braves the cold to greet you at the car when you get home, you can always count on her warmth and her snuggle….

Friday the 7th Vitesse was taken to the emergency hospital for doggies in Canada… They told me 4 to 6 weeks. We were devastated. I couldn’t believe that this little brown thing was going to leave us.

Since that day, Vitesse lost 10 pounds, she take drugs to make her life easy and comfortable. She is very calm, still keeps me warm in bed at night and run in the snow first thing in the morning. No more snowshoeing for her on long walk outside cause her skin and bone jacket is not quite enough.

I don’t know when… But Im taking each minute of each day to make sure she is close to me, not hungry  and comfortable.

Tim is in europe and Vitesse told me she can’t wait to see him:)

thanks for reading

3 thoughts on “Vitesse: our brown girl

  1. Lyne,

    Enjoy each moment with your brown girl. It is what each of you need and makes you both happy. They give us so very much and ask so little in return. We are so lucky to have them in our lives.

    Sios heureuse Vitesse

  2. Allo Lyne,
    Je viens de lire ton texte à propos de ta partenaire et amie. Ça me touche tellement. J’espère que tout va pour le mieux pour toi, pour vous, et que tu trouveras un être qui t’apporte autant.
    Au plaisir XX

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