Old post that I forgot to put on the blog:)

Tim and I bought a new house this summer. A nice 2 family in a sweet little town name Topsfield. Its just big enough for me…the town:)

I can walk everywhere with in 2 min. No really. The other funny thing is that our neighbours in Beverly were a very nice couple named Dave and Rebecca.

I was always jealous of their yard cause it was always stunning with all kinds of flowers. Dave is the owner of a bike shop…the bike shop in Topsfield…right in front of our new house !!

So we seem him as much as before with his little dog named Wolfy.

Anyway, the last month as been busy for me. I feel like I always find a way to get busy…We had not touch the back unit of the house since we got in. Instead we were working on finishing the Barn…I had no motivation to go in and I guess I just though that I couldn’t do that kind of stuff.

One morning, I finally decided to give it a try after Tim told me :” Just go in you might see things you can actually do..” right….I got dress like a guy and went over there. When I came out it was dark, I had a pile of old carpet on the grass and no more in the house. Not only the carpets where out there was no more nails and tacks on the ground and everything was clean. day #1 was done.

Than I got excited.

I started to go back almost everyday…I took down some plaster , walls, floors, celling, cabinets…Always cleaning after my mess…I just can’t stand a dirty house!

When tim got home from racing he couldn’t believe everything that I’ve done…My parents came for the weekend and help with the cabinets and harder stuff. My dad was as strong as I knew he was even with having to deal with lupus and my mom after cancer…wow she was non stop. I really know where I got all that strength.

PROBLEM: I did a mistake by not calling our architect about the structure of the house…in a previous meeting we had conclude on the bairing walls…but i guess there where not the good ones. OPPPPPPPS big OPPPPPSSS.

After having our architect come over and check out the work he said : well you might want to put a couple support 2×4 here…

When ? I ask

NOW he said…

the celling already had some new cracks and that wasn’t good:)

Everything came back to normal but it could’ve been worse:)

After 2 full containers we are moving forward with the project. Im learning as we go and tim too. I have to say he is the god of calling people and making sure they come and do the work.

I also have to say thanks to @delinks for his help.

In my last Blog I was going to maybe do an IM before the end of the year…well I was register and everything for the AZ one…this weekend coming up.

You know sometimes I think because I dress like a guy that I can demo a lots of thing and also shovel pack dirt for an hour…NOT I strained my back and have to call it OFF. I wont be racing another IM this year. Maybe its just not ment to be. And like my own coach just told me today:” be careful there is no shoveling contest in the Olympics…”

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