RIP Vitesse 2006-2011

My sweet brown lab left us the 17th of Febuary.

I’t was a very sad day in our lives.

I cried and cried and cried. That day we walked in the woods for more than 2 hrs just like if she was with us. My face was swollen from all the tears. My eyes were constantly wet and my heart remembering all the days we spent together.

It took me 5 days to get off the couch. I felt empty. Tim was gone to europe and I didn’t have Vitesse anymore. lonely.

Greta came to the rescue, she is our friends, Chandler and Jenny’s dog, a long hair German Shepherd she is a cutie.

They where leaving for the week end for a wedding so I took her to helped them out. At first I wasn’t so sure about having her around…but then I started to appreciate her presence, her softness,and  her attitude when I called her. I sat in the sun in the backyard on one of the first warm day of the spring and I just threw snowballs..she went after each one of them without stopping for an hour. I was calm, in the sun with my eyes close and I could almost see Vitesse running in the snow…

Thanks Greta for being there.

In town here in Topsfield,MA we have a nice lunch place called the market, the owner , Terry, is involve in lab rescue here in MA. She has been so nice caring and asking about Vitesse every time we went in there for food or wine.

Then after Vitesse passed away she told me about maybe fostering doggies until they would be adopted…I wasn’t quite sure but really it didn’t take me much time before sending an application to become a foster home when Im actually home. It went very fast and already last Sunday I was picking up 2 5months old brown pups for the week and hopefully they would be adopted before I had to leave again. So really it was like they were both mine:)

I took care of them like no one.

Wednesday, I drove to Hanover NH to drop one off to his new family. It was hard to let him go because he reminded me so much of my dog. But I knew he was going to be a happy, safe and loved with his new family. That made me smiled.

The other little guy was taken by our great friend Chandler , Jenny and Greta! Chandler had fell in love with the little guy the first time he saw him . Jenny and Greta had really no choice, they had to accept the new kid in the family:) Im thankful that they both found great homes and even more grateful that I can take care of Leo almost everyday when Chandler comes to work at our “under construction house”

life comes and goes

and I will always remember Vitesse

3 thoughts on “RIP Vitesse 2006-2011

  1. She will live on inside your hearts forever. I’m so sorry she had to leave you too soon. They make our world a far better place, I can’t imagine life without our canine friends.

  2. As fellow dog lover (my Gizmo is the center of my universe), I teared up reading your post. You’re so honest and sweet, Lyne, and it sounds like you were a fantastic mom, too..
    I’m so sorry. It’s just not fair that we out live them.

  3. It took us a year to really accept Fred’s death even though he was 18! So I can understand your feekings. Vitesse was so young. I didin’t want a new dog. Monia insisted. We agreed having another labrador would not be a good idea. We would be comparing him to Fred. Ant that would be unfair. So we have now Eddy. A portugueese waterdog. He’s goofy and quick! He’s not Fred. But we love him so much already. Good luck Lyne.

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