I already knew that but had forgotten…

Just got back from the Sydney para- cycling world cup…Im at my parents house and…

Im tired, can’t wait to be home and feel kind a… meeh. After more then 35hrs of travel in one day I can say that Im a traveler!.HA! But I knew that.

Not any king of traveler tho…After all those years flying and going all over the world, I for sure now remembered how bad I am, that I’m a BAD traveler. Its not complicated, I would need a psy to help me with this uncomfortable feeling that I get when I get on a plane or even putting my right foot in the airport… Im not scared, or anything like that. I’m just soooooo uncomfortable and stuck and always have to pee and always wonder why they never have my food choice when they get to me, why the bread in the sandwich look like a pudding…why some people are so enificient at airport, why I always get my honey taken away…why can’t they tell that I didn’t put anything bad in my tasmanian honey..but NO they had to take it away cause maybe …AAArrrrrr.

Why we have to pick up our bags in Vancouver to transfer them to another belt and do security again for no reason? but dont have to pick up the bikes?

Why the luggages and not the bikes?
Why is there always a problem when we travel with bikes, wheels? why can’t they just accept the fact that we ride bikes for living instead of something else? Yes Im venting. But I can’t believe that now in 2011 they dont have a machine that can tell  that my freaking honey is not a bomb?

Tim always told me that we can’t do anything about it and that a middle seat is not that bad. WHAT? are you kidding me a middle seat? thats my worst nightmare.

And why the seat in first class is 13000$ more than a regular seat? Are they that much better or ours are that much shittier? You read me right 13000$.

good night, thanks I feel better now:)

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