And…its been a long time!

I have so many things I could talk about right now but one comes to mind first : life.

You thought I was going to talk about World Championship, something related to bike or sports right?



Thats Important, we only have one and it will probably be too short no matter what age we are when we go.

I need to be happy. Not just once in a while but ALL the time. Am I clear?

There is no time for sadness or shit like that and I have been spending way too much time in these two categories. Wondering why this, why that… Why am I not this or that…You know what Lyne B? Yes talking to myself, YOU ARE a happy woman and you deserve to be. I have a great life and I do forget just like everybody else, sometimes that I am lucky to be where I am, with an awesome family, friends and husband. I need to be reminded to often and I shouldn’t. Whats wrong with me? I wish I could just answer that but I might have to go and read about it..or not. How about just being me, myself and the woman that I grew into. Just that? is that too complicated?

thats my update.



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