racing season is about to start.

Yesterday I arrived in Knowlton at about 430pm, I emptied the VW and drove with my mom to get my tandem in Bromont. I talked paint with Nicolas cause we are refreshing the training center’s walls next week… gross beige is not so appealing for kids and athletes.

Off we went to dinner at a nice little place in Bromont. We sat down at the last table not reserved. It was early and I didn’t think it was going to be that busy. But that little place has great food and ambiance.

We always say the world is small right? 4 people arrived, Randy and his wife Melanie, Catherine ( z creations) and her Husband Marco! They live 2min from my brothers house. We exchanged a couple laughs and talked about euuhh …some funny things that can’t be talked in public!!

That morning I was on my computer having breakfast and I clicked on a link

Zoe is their dauther, she is 6 and was racing in the” defi sportif ” this week. When she was born, she needed a new heart..she was very lucky. She is now an athlete and beautiful strong litle girl. I was amazed again. 

Tonight Robbi and I will be at the Defi Sportif in Montreal on the Gille Villeneuve circuit for a 22km Time trial. Its raining and about 3 celcius right now (at 8am) …max for the day 6…

This is a UCI race so we get the chance to wear our very pretty rainbow stripes skinsuit. My concern is: It might be better if I bring my snowmobile one piece…they actually call for snow. Hmmm…this is the first race of a long season. We’re ready!

To all my sponsors, my friends and family, my husband, and my fans Thank you for believing in me again and again.


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