Xtrail Sutton

Long time ago I was a skier, then I became a runner, then a professional cyclist. I am in love with the area I was born and raised: the Eastern Townships. Mt Sutton for me is my playground. Its a mountain that offer great terrain for avid skiers and snowboarders but also a good amount of hiking trails. Those trails are mapped in my brain, I know them all and I love them all. I snowshoed on them, ran , hiked with my lovely brown lab Vitesse ( passed away in 2010), took my mom when she was battling the cancer treatments and more. Its where I love to be.

Today was no difference. I have the chance to be able to race in my backyard. A trail race of 22km, very technical, roots , rocks, sketchy descentes and mud. This morning I took the start like 1000 others to take on  this brutal challenge.

the whole time I knew where I was, I knew what was coming. Under me, my feet were heavy at times but also light in some area that took me back in time…

I finished well, I loved every minute of it. I did race with a brace so my shoulder wouldn’t dislocate ( just had that happen last saturday), I had hiking poles that made a big difference on the ups and downs and I did twist my ankle. But hey, that what happens when you get out of your comfort zone!

Loving my life

Tphoto-131hanks to Mt Sutton and Nicolas Taillefer for the organization

till next time


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