Ride on Chicago.

4 years ago my husband Tim decided to ride from Boston to Washington to attend the National Bike Summit. The previous year he attended as guest of his friend and bike advocate, Richard Fries – he was intrigued by what he saw and decided to go back again, but by bike.  At the Summit, the athlete that he was and the full time racer in him, found connections with other cyclists and ideas that  made him believe that things could change. Things like, how to ride better in a group, how to respect others in a ride, how to make cities safer to ride a bike no matter why or where you ride, how to talk about cycling without the word “racing”, how to connect everyone that rides a bicycle. It was certainly an eye opener for him and all the others including me that pedal to Washington early March 2011 at 5 degrees F.

4 years passed and The Ride on Washington grew. Each year more people got onto the ride and helped raise more than $200,000 for Peopleforbikes

This year the ride shifted and we rode from Kansas city  to Chicago, stopping in cities and telling “The Why ” of our journey.

After many years riding my bicycle all over the world for many different reasons, I realize how important the message and what PeopleForBikes are trying to achieve. I am a minority in this cycling world, having touched the racing part of it but now the advocacy is pulling me in and I want to help make sure my friends, my family and all of us can ride safely. Its becoming scary to be on the road as a cyclist but also scary for a driver to encounter cyclists on the road. Working together is what we need to do, so we all fit in no matter what we are driving…

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