2015 Resolutions


Yes I have some this year. I never make resolutions because I feel like my lifestyle is already pretty good. I’m healthy, I’m fit, I’m happy and I have family.
I decided to take 2 that are kind of stupid and the third one is to help and continue my fight against a struggle with how I look at myself and how I feel about myself.
It’s a topic that I never really talk out loud about, but I do realize that it’s easier to let go and not keep things just for me all the time.

Here we go:

1 – take a selfie everyday of this year.
2 – don’t cut my hair for one year
3 – don’t weigh myself for one year

For the selfie, I want to make a video of all the places I go to in 2015.
For the hair, it’s just because I can never be patient enough to let it grow and for the weight, well I want to learn how to really love my body the way it is and not spend energy on trying to be more slim or more that or more this…
Like the stickers I bought a while ago to give to my lovely friends: “you are beautiful” Now it’s time for me to believe that.

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