Lately I’ve had a lots of questions about the world of cycling du to a post on Facebook. I obviously couldn’t answer all of them but I figured I could, on this blog once in a while, answer some of them.

Arnaud asked : Mentally, as a high level athlete, how do you keep going when the motivation about training is down ?

My motivation is like a piece of string…It’s long and thin but very strong – because I built it  over the years. Sometimes when the time is right, or should I say wrong, the string gets cut…It mostly happens because I get sick or because I’ve been very busy. To even recognize those moments it’s key to get back into it and to allow yourself to take a pause. Sometimes 2 -3 or 5 days or more, of changing your mind and doing some things different is all you need to get your head back into it. Trust me, it’s hard to let go of a training plan or what you’re supposed to do on that day. But you know what? Every time I’m sick, I take 5 days on the couch and I come back stronger and more motivated than ever! Free yourself of the watts, the Strava and the “professional you” and chill. I’m not going to lie and say I used to do that when I was racing full-time, but what I can tell you is now I train almost as hard as before, I’m in the best overall shape of my life and the lesson I learned: It’s called taking a break.

Motivation has it’s limits and you’re the only one who knows when you’re getting close to the end of it. You want to stay in a confortable boundary and not crack before you stop.



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