New friends, the Grand Canyon and an adventure race in there.

Last night I landed in Las Vegas. Not sure if I ever told you how much I don’t like it here?

I had time to think. I never liked it because it was always a nightmare. The bike show every year, walking miles to get to places (as a cyclist walking is meh) and night life that I could careless for.

I came back later to race Cross Vegas I think it was 2014 not sure. I was in great shape got a bunch of mechanicals and didn’t finish the race. If I had only that at that time I would of been bummed but no I had something else: the Rim to Rim to Rim with my best friend Mel.

That took away the bads of vegas…

I took off from Vegas the day after the race, drove to the Grand Canyon, ran it (80km) and came back to the strip. Now I had enough endorphine in my body that nothing bothered me. We hung out at the pool and ordered drinks, we ate at whole food every meal, we drove the strip and we went onto the roller coaster in the NY hotel. That’s it and it was perfect.I left.

Now Im back for an adventure race with the Ace team. 3 guys from Estonia, I don’t know them but they want to go to the Grand Canyon and that I won’t pass on! I’ll get to know them for a couple of days before the event: 4 days of running, kayaking, Mt biking, ropes, emotions and not much sleep.

I was asking online a couple days ago to one of my teammate…I said: “How are you in those long, no sleep event?”

He said: “I dont talk much, I dont like to sleep and Im not good at kayaking.”

Ok thanks!

Ill let you know how it went…

Onto another adventure!


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