Happy Mutant Adventure race in the Mojave desert. (Out early because of an injury)

*Life throw’s you some hurdles but witch ever way you decided to cross them is your decision.

I never made it to the Grand Canyon. The guys made the trip just before the race and I thought hmmm I think I’m going to skip the 7h drive out and back + the 22km run they ended up doing. I love the grand Canyon but sometimes you need to be realistic: I was ready to Start In 24h a 100h race with barely any sleep. So I passed. I went exploring on my bike to an old abandoned town call Oatman,AZ , pet some wild donkeys and got my Oakley glasses cleaned by a gentleman on the street.

Midnight the 4th: That means it was the 3rd a minute ago…We are off and paddling! Crossing the street of the Tropicana hotel in Laughlin.NV we carried our 2 canoes to the bank of the river. We could go the easy way you know? Walk half a mile and be a a real boat ramp or…go through the buildings and find an opening …Ok never mind we got the boats in and down stream we went. Couples minutes later we had forgotten to had the glow sticks to the boats for security so we did. A couple more minutes later I see another team..how can they be ahead of us already they were still at the hotel when we left? They found a better place closer than the half mile and easier than ours…

My teammates are Estonians, Joosep, Timmo and Rain,very nice, quiet guys and very good navigators


The water sports aren’t my forte. I get sea sick, car sick, plane sick and kayak sick is also on the list. I took non drowsy dramamine an hour before the first leg. I felt in control.

Not to worry tho, the water was calm, we had a nice 3.5miles /h current and the shooting stars where out and about!

I was always anxious about the kayak legs in any adventure race because

1-I like water but to look at it.

2-Water makes me sick when I’m on it.

3-Kayaking was not part of my youth or life all around.

4-My butt hurts after 5 minutes sitting on there (Thanks to my dad I have his butt or no butt)

5-How to paddle and look like you’re petting your cat? SO gentle and easy? Good question.

I was determined to find the answer about the cat thing.

I got a paddle One K machine (Thanks Nathalie Long for your help) put it in my basement in front of the patio door that face my pond and got on it almost everyday since early November.

Yesterday the 6h paddle felt like I was petting my dog May May… Well it felt like I was petting a wet cold dog:  It was beautiful clear skies,the air was cold and the water freezing.

TA#1: Kayak to Bike : TA’s are areas you have bins with your stuff in.

The truck that had our stuff and bikes was not there…I was freezing dreaming of my dry cycling shorts… (Really tell me when was the last time you dreamed of that;)? My teammates gave me an extra jacket while waiting and the organizer made some 1$ ramen to help warming us up. The sun was coming up so I found a ray of it and stood in it for a while….

To be continued very soon

Good Night







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