Mojave Desert part deux.

TA #1: Kayak to Bike…

After finally getting our stuff we did a quick turn around: Changed, put food and water in our bags for the next 60 miles mt bike leg.

We left TA at 720am, almost one hour after arriving in the kayak du to the late truck. In Adventure race day light is key so that was a bummer. We headed out on a old paved road that would eventually take us on a pipeline work road for some long miles. The road was rough and very hilly: hills so steep we had to walked some of them.

The sun was already very strong and feeling the heat felt so good. I felt comfortable  following my friends that we’re navigating and taking us to the next check point.The mt bike was always on marked ATV or dirt and very sandy roads. In that area there is a lot of protected land and staying on roads was one of the rules. Still some navigating challenges because sometimes is you don’t take the right one you end up in a wash or a dead end. Just before TA#2 we took a wrong turn, the guys knew where we were going but HWY 95 was not an option so we had to find a wash and ride it to TA#2.

TA#2: Bike to trek.

At this point in the race you already have a night of no sleep (race started at midnight) and its now 1pm fatigue started to kick in but we decided to get as much daylight as possible for the next long trek ahead of us and sleep on our way back. We left at 120pm for a 60km trek in the desert Mountains. Sunscreen was a must with a hat and lots of water. We walked the first 15 min to help us get some food down. Then Timmo said “lets jog the next 4 hrs so we can go as far in day light then if we have to slowdown we will”.  We didn’t have to agree on that we just started to jog. 5hrs later I still felt good trotting but we were only half way there. The motivation was still good among the group. The sunset was beautiful.

The guys were on euro time and around 6pm they started to trip on things…At first I wasn’t so worried because it was rocky terrain. We kept alternating between jogging and walking getting all the check points on the map. At one point, we had maybe another 15km to go, and we lost the road. Or the road disappeared …

Now things started to get a little bit more difficult. I tripped pretty hard, face planting on a downhill chin on the ground and legs up. Didn’t feel great but kept going. Timmo was no longer reading the maps. Rain took over the navigation at this point. The guys knew where we were going but struggle a little with the terrain. We just couldn’t see the end of it. It felt farther than what we expected. Everytime we got to the top of something we hopped to see a light but no it was only dark with more hills and mountain to cross. Timmo was sleep walking, Rain was sleep navigating and Joosep just in a dark spot. I keep following their lead asking them if there felt ok .My head was still awake, my body weaker but still moving along. When we finally arrived at TA #3 We had transformed into zombies. We needed hot food and sleep. I changed, ate and when to sleep….

More to come.



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