China Adventure Race

basket run .jpgWell, sometimes you have surprises…Like the first leg of the first day. As a team of 4, we had to carry  2 baskets of 20 kg each for 3km: Awkward, heavy and not running friendly… (We didn’t use the slippers in the race)

China is far, I had forgotten that when I got on the plane. One 13hrs flight, one night in a hotel and another 3h flight to Wengan. I took it slow, I was calm and I make it no problem even on the way home. Tim was proud of me because he knows how much I hate flying …in economy class. YES I’m a princess.

18698870_10212396303772305_1707379707_oI’m a princess but I can get dirty!  The China Outdoor Quest is a 3-day adventure race but the focus is more on fitness than orienteering. They say go and you never take a breather. I had a strong team, Rain, Timmo and Rait all of them from Estonia. They run fast. For the first time of my life, I was pulled by someone because I was too slow/tired/skills. Mostly on downhills, usually people get pulled on uphills…Not me. The second day for 11k I was attached by an elastic to Timmo who pulled me to the line on this downhill cement path.  My quads were toast. I was happy to finish.18676655_10212395183384296_1077947044_oLots of things can happen in an adventure race even getting sick on the bus ride home. No time to take my stuff out of the bus and no lunch left in my body. Motion sickness has won the day.

I raced the rest of the event on motion sickness pills.


18742198_10212411064781321_1535386291_oYou can see that I don’t have time to put makeup on! That was the last day of fighting between 10th and 6th place. I was toast. I felt empty from the beginning of the day. Full of lactic acid every time I tried to go hard. Swearing once in a while (or maybe more), ready to stop. But I couldn’t. When you’re on a team you can’t stop. You have to finish, they will pull you they will help you, they will carry your bag, your paddle, hold your hand on the way out of 27k of kayaking when your legs aren’t working and you have to climb 50 steps onto a steeper trail, they will carry you to the line with them. They need you, you need them.18720849_10212411079181681_1383481177_oI know what it feels to push yourself and make your body hurt. I trained for years on how to tolerate and live with that physical pain.  In China, I left all I had. I couldn’t remember the last time my body was pushed that hard, I couldn’t remember the last time I hurt so much I wanted to stop..just for a minute.


Thanks to all the people that believe in me

Felt Canada, Mavic, Spa Balnea, 100B7, Velocio Apparel, Xact Nutrition, Time pedals, Tim, mom, dad, and friends!


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