LowestRates.ca cycling team: The Director.

I’ve always loved to drive. I drove across country and back with our BIG tundra one year with my BMW moto on the back rack and my dog Vitesse. I drove my moto to Florida and Virginia for training camps, I drove to almost every states of the USA on a road trip in the 90’s.

I started driving when I was 10 with my dad: Stick shift, black Nissan pick up truck through all the dirt roads around so we wouldn’t get caught. I drove the side blade of the Snow truck when my dad was called early in the morning in a snow storm..”Dad, can I come?” I sneaked in with him, the windshield full of washing fluid, couldn’t see a thing, driving through snowbanks on the road and taking a couple mailboxes on the way. Opps.

Now, this past 10 days was a different type of driving. I had my first experience as a Director Sportif for the Cycling Team LowestRates.ca in 2 big events on the calendar: Tour du Saguenay and Tour de Beauce.


That video is just a small part of the Director’s job in the caravan.

Hot days were on schedule with a record for the Town of La Baie, QC the first stage of Tour du Saguenay: a balmy 33 Celsius made it for a tough day for the guys.

“LowestRates for Feeding” The voice of Pascal Choquette for Radio tour. I had done my little course online to how to drive in a caravan and I was wondering if I would remember… I did. It was like I’ve been there before.  Racing for many years myself, getting bottles at the car, talking to the director, getting food, new wheels for flat tires.

It was still all there in my head.  I knew a lot of people too: the commissaires, some old teammates now directing other teams, my husband Tim’s friends and more. I felt at home. I got some insights from Gord Fraser, a very decorated cyclist, and friend. I always respected him for his support during the 2000 Games and along the way. (That’s another story).

Before my director adventure, I had contacted Josee Robitaille who was one of not so many men’s team director. She told me to be me, to take my place and to remember when I was a competitive cyclist. She gave me tips, ideas, and good pieces of advice for the upcoming 2 events I had on the schedule. Everything went well until I crack the bumper of our rental car in a parking lot! Oh well, I guess I needed one to break the ice!

The guys on the team did their best. Being a small team with a small racing calendar, competing with the big boys gave them a great experience overall.

Thanks to LowestRates.ca for giving me the opportunity to give back in a different way!


Next: Mavic Haute Route Rockies






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