Cyclocross Nats


Last weekend I was in Sherbrooke for Canadian Cyclocross nationals and one of the Maglia Rosa series race.

Saturday: Nationals

The sun was shinning, the course was dry and I ran 5km in the morning to warm up my body.

Tim, the dogs and I got in the car around 9 am to get to the venue early enough to cheer on some friends and ride the course with the new under 23 national champ Ruby West.


10 years ago was the last time I was on that start line.

I was relaxed, smiling and feeling no pressure from either myself or anyone else around me. It was almost peaceful: I’ve been there before, I knew how to race, I didn’t want to win, my family and friends were there and I wanted to be there.

The start was painful. I felt I was going backwards compare to everyone else. By the first turn I was already off the back trying to just keep my position! Crazy how 10 years can take that much speed out of you when you don’t practice often.

I stayed calm and soon enough I manage to climb back to 4th. 4th what?!!! It must be a mistake. No I was really in 4th. Did the yoyo with Sandra Walker eventually taking 4th and Cindy Montambault taking 5th for the majority of the race and finished 6th. I had fun and even felt, for a sec, like 10 years ago but came out of that thought quickly:)


Sunday: Maglia Rosa 

The sun is NOT out, the course is NOT dry and I ran 5km in the morning to warm up my body or cool it down from yesterday’s race. The ‘after race regiment’ obviously changed: instead of a nice easy ride after the race I went directly to the car, changed and joined my friends at the beer tent.


Sitting on the front row, I suddenly got excited! Maybe I could get a good start….

Missed my pedal.

The mud is flying and so is everyone but not in a fast kind of way more in a slippery kind of way! The off camber sections are giving us a challenging time and soon enough I’m in 6th again fitting to stay upright. I hear my husband Tim yelling and asking if I’m having fun, Abi and her family encouraging me every lap and my mom and dad like always everywhere on the course.

I really enjoyed racing with the junior kids and even sprinted for the line! They won:)
Again I felt at home, calm and in peace with my race, my life and my career choices.


PS: If you look closely you can see my dad in red looking at me and my mom with the black and pink winter hat;)

Thanks for reading

Up next : Stone Cat trail Marathon November 4th.

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