Rasputitsa: Rain, snow and tandem riding.

RAIN: It’s rained all night, the day before that and the other day before that. Just buckets of it. The metal roof of the condo where we stayed just kept reminding us how much it was raining.

SNOW: Yes its snowed on us, not light flakes like the ones you see at Christmas, the ones that comes straight down and stick to the road in no time. It became white…And cold. I was dressed perfectly until my hands started to get cold. By then Tim had already taken is cloves off ( he hates gloves) and I was just trying to move my fingers the best I could.

TANDEM: Yes that was us, Tim and I on a tandem riding Rasputitsa. At first Tim wasn’t sure about my request to do it on the tandem but I guess the idea grew on him… We had ridden the bike one other time last summer ( Jay loop) and we had a blast! So why not try it again.

Off we went…Well before that he had told me 2 things:

1-Im driving

2-You can’t say anything when we go 50 miles per hour on the dirt descent

I was good he said, we even manage to ride the last little mud trail 300m before the finish!

The ride is one thing about Rasputitsa but everything else around it makes us come back every year: Friends, sense of community, smiles, music, volunteers, Heidi and Anthony, beer and the mud!

See you all at 100B7 in September I hope!



One thought on “Rasputitsa: Rain, snow and tandem riding.

  1. thanks for keeping my name on this list. I lOVE to hear how and what you are doing!

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