the story goes on:)

Good morning everyone,

Kona is coming soon and I will not be there. I am not sad or bummed…Im realistic.

I had started my quest for Kona last year, I trained all winter in Santa Barbara, swam 4 to 5 times a week, ran a bunch and bike a lot too. I thought that I could make it there…Well, after St-George in the spring where I DNF’d because of a hamstring issue, I had to rethink my situation…And I did.

I took a break from running long, biking long and swimming long…and started to rest my legs. I had plans to do maybe lake placid or another Ironman in the season but as of right now, I never did. I guess I realized that I love to train and stay fit but not that much!!! It really took all my life, all my time and all my energy. Im not saying that I didn’t enjoy doing it, Im saying that I just don’t think it was for me at that time. Im also not saying that I wont try again.

Summer has been busy like always, we bought a new house, I raced in the para-cycling world championships (which changed my life), I took part in a charity 24h bike ride for cancer and started running with a group in town here. I was always a runner in heart. When I was a kid I started to race at the age of 10 until I was at University. So I joined them and really enjoy their company. Most of these guys run ultra’s…Crazy, thats like 160km or 100 miles or 4 marathons back to back or driving to montreal,QC and back from Bromont,QC. I was inspired but not willing to try that quite yet:)

So through the summer I took part in a 21km trail run and a 40km one. Then 2 weeks ago I went running with my group, hadn’t seen them for a while and they all told me they were doing VT50: thats either a mt bike race of 50 miles or you can also race on foot. I did it last year on the bike and it took me 8h15 in a real mudfest.  Great idea!!! Im in. No training, I haven’t ran more than 2hrs lately…hhmmmmm oh well!

So to prepare for that, I flew the week end before to Pittsburg and drove to Deep Creek lake in MD for the Savageman Triathlon Olympic and half Ironman distances (yes, two races). Again I did it last year and I wanted to go back. FYI I have a compact on my bike for that race, 7000 feet of climbing in 56 miles and the run is NOT flat. Again sometimes I have the best ideas out there! Im going all the way there so might as well do both. So Saturday I won the olympic distance (1.5km swim,40km bike and 10km run) and felt fine:) The next morning I woke up……sooooo sore, and I had to do it all over again and even longer:) I did it and got 3rd, with a broken derailler that had me stuck in the 11 and made me walk the last couple hills. Anyway that was fun. Training for the vt 50 was done:)


Early morning, dark, and chilly.

Start: Feeling good but trying to hold back and start slow…not slow enough.

20km in: Im on my pace of 9h that I want to achieve

40km in: Feeling a blister on the inside of my right foot, Not good.

60km : What the hell am I doing here? Where is the truck so I can go back to the ski area and eat, its been 7h of running I think thats enough? My knee hurts…

65km: Only 9 miles to go not that bad, should be able to do that, 9 miles is no biggie…

66km; Crap still8.5 miles to go, I feel like Im not moving. My brain is no longer connected to my legs.

70km; Only 10km to go  wow I think I can finish this thing..Im not on target now but will miss the 9h, well at this point I dont care:) chips and coke at the feed.

75km; Am I there yet? God that shit is long, stay focused. think about baby steps…

76km: Can I borrow a bike for the last 4km? Man, a bike would be so nice right now? How about a chair? Bed? I need to lay down,

77km : I stop for a sec to look at my legs…knees are sooooo swollen Im in major pain

79km; Smile you are almost there not even a mile to go…Yeah right I bet Its all downhill from here too? I hate downhills!

80km; I get passed on the line by another woman who could actually run at the end. I was 5th overall In 9h24min …thats too long next year I will go for 8h30 and train for it:)


I stop swimming after Ironman St George the 1st of may and I was only 2 min slower in the water…

I make it up the 31% wall at Savageman for the 2nd year: got my second brick!

VT 50:

Dont do that at home its painful,

Pizza delivery is awesome after a 50 mile run race when you can’t walk

I hate bananas, potatoes, chips and drank heed and water,

I cant believe they do 100 miles of that

Walking around the house in compression tights is actually necessary, and looks sooo good

Ill be back next year:)

People think Im crazy!

Life keeps me busy!

Here I am, after a winter in Santa Barbara, a spring bouncing around from Canada and Beverly and now living the hot summer of New england, so many things happened and are still happenning! Tim is back on his feet or should I say ankle, racing and finishing off the road season that he never really saw this year.

Me? Ah you know not that much! Not! I realised that Ironman was hard. I new it was going to be, but I didn’t think that I wouldn’t be able to finish. My hamstring issue off the bike into the run was a big problem and its just starting to feel better after 2 months. So Im not saying that the Ironman aventure is over but I needed to take a step back. Up next, Savageman in September and probably one last triathlon of the season in November.

In the meantime I have been up in Canada to see my friends and family. My mom is recovering from cancer and my dad always trying to be in control of his Lupus. They are doing well, getting back to life after 2 hard years. Back on the Moto’s and my dad started to ride his bike…at first it was hard to ride even 25 km. Then I told him he didn’t have to worry if he couldn’t get back home, he could just stop and call the taxi (my mom)! He did. One morning he left and after probably 60km he stopped, had enough and called my mom. Perfect. Now that my mom is feeling better she is riding with him.

What else? I accepted a position to pilot (on a tandem) for a blind paracyclist athlete for Canada, did national championships after only being on a tandem twice and we won the road race! Now on to the world championships at the end of August in Baie Comeau, QC CAN. It’s an adventure to have someone that trusts you riding on a bike. She puts her head down and listens to my commands and pedals. After we cross a finishline she would ask:” did we win?” and I would tell her yes! She then patted me on the back and was so happy! Great feeling.

and then…Tim and I bought a house, my coaching little business is going well, I did 2 long trail running races and am planning on another longer one at the end of September and even more fun adventures I’ll tell you about soon, stay tuned.

Ironman st-George part two

First of all I have to say that I was very impressed with the organization. With so many people, the lines were  never that long and things went very smoothly. If you didn’t know(I didn’t) when you do an ironman its not like any other triathlon where your stuff (running shoes, bike helmet etc.) is in transition beside your bike…When you register they give you a couple different colored bags that you have to fill up with the right stuff for each of the transitions  and then  drop them off the night before .

So it basically goes like this:

1-Get the bags

2-In my case, figure out why I have all those bags…do i really need to use them?

3-Go to the Pro’s meeting and feel like a beginner when have to ask about the bags!

4-Put bike shoes+helmet+oakley’s in bike transition bag: done

5-Put running shoes+running belt with my number on it+plus running cap+ gel bottle in running transition bag: done

6-Morning clothes bag: hmmmm what’s that one? Stuff that you will be wearing in the morning before the start…that will be brought back to you at transition 2 (also finish) witch is miles away from transition 1.

So when you get out of the water (T1) someone shouts your number, they give you your bag, you run to the tent and get help to get changed, sunscreen etc, then you leave everything there and the woman that was helping you put all your stuff from the swim in your numbered bag.

T2: After you’re done with the bike, it’s the same thing, they take your bike, you take your bag, you change in the tent and off you go in your running shoes.

everyone got that?

ALL my stuff came back, I didn’t lose anything and my bike still had a probar in my little bento box on the top tube:)


The morning was chilly but very calm compared to the 2 days before the race. I woke up at 3am because I needed to get on a shuttle bus from the hotel to get to a bus that would transport us to the start. Tim was very happy to have me make noise in the room at that time:) he loves getting up early. NOT. But he didn’t complain.

When I left I knew I would only see him at the finish 11hrs later…

But I left knowing that I had a lots of people following me and cheering for me from afar. Thanks!

SWIM 2.4 miles or 4.2 km

Start: Pro’s start 10 min before everyone else. For me its a good thing because I am not a pack swimmer: less is better! The water was freezing and when I got in it I couldn’t breath. I really had to calm myself. The gun when off. The best women swam with the men’s leader’s WOW! I wish…I won’t tell you my time but I felt calm and confident in the water for 3/4 of the distance, then the last part was a little hectic but I managed. At that point I had athletes from the age categories catch me…Don’t have to tell you that when I got to my bike it was the last one standing among the pro’s! But I didn’t care.

BIKE 112 miles or 180km

I got on the bike and I couldn’t feel my index finger (the broken one). The wrapping that I had was wet and with the wind it was frozen…I also couldn’t feel my left foot. I was just hoping that someone would turn the heat up a little.

I felt right at home on my Cannondale Slice and stayed focused the whole way. I never went into the red zone, I ate almost all my stuff on the bike , drank tons and felt good. I passed a couple age group men and pro women on the way back. 10 km out maybe I had a guy fly by me and he yelled: “Those shoes are awesome!!” talking about my sweet yellow Mavic shoes:) I saw him on the run a little later and shouted back: “They are Mavic shoes!!”

The wind was pretty strong and the course hard and hilly, I used a lot my small chain ring even on flatter sections because of the wind and the rough pavement that made you even slower.

T2: MARATHON 26.2mi or 42km

I started in 4th position. I was last out of the water and now I was 4th. I had no idea.

I started to run and I had a guy from the race on a mt bike in front of me….Actually  I don’t think I ever really ran. My legs were like tree trunks and I could barely lift my left leg. I struggled through the first 20 km and was passed by a lot of women. They are amazing. They run so fast. I was not. I got a lots of encouragement on the run by some friends from Quebec and from the other women.


It was a hard thing to do and I’m not going to elaborate on that. I really wanted to finish but at that point it was a matter of getting injured or not, and I didn’t want that. I was bummed and I cried. The mt bike emergency patrol on the course got me a ride with a very nice man named LYN, is that funny or what:) He called Tim for me and we arranged to meet  back at the medical tent. when I got dropped off my sweet husband was there with his crutches waiting for me. I could barely walk and was helped to the tent.

Tim and I sat down for a minute and chatted with a old man that was in the race, but that had been taken out by another rider in the feed zone: he had a broken collarbone. Tim and I talked to him about all of our broken collarbones! When we left he was smiling again:)

to be continued…

Oceanside 70.3

First race of the year under the belt!

Tim and I drove down on thursday afternoon after doing all our stuff at home. If you don’t know Los Angeles area, let me tell you that you don’t want to drive during the time we left:) But we were able to take a turn and jump on the scenic route along the ocean all the way to Redondo Beach, where we had dinner watching the waves, before getting back on the highway to Oceanside. Thanks to Alex Wassman for the phone call and the traffic info!

That evening we chilled at the condo with Max Ralph my FSA sponsor and Alex W. the  SRAM guru!

The morning of the race I got up @ 4 to have breakfast and finish packing my bags. I was very lucky . I only needed to ride 400m and I was at the transition area! I could actually see it from the condo! Thanks to Kyle for the hook up.

So I was in transition by 510 finding my spot among the pro’s. I of course had plenty of time to get marked, pee a couple times before the age groupers showed up and the line for the porter johns too! More time to freeze as it was early, dark and cold. I didn’t have enough clothing and wish at that point that I had brought my winter jacket:)

Saw a guy that I see on group rides and at the pool in Santa Barbara, told him good luck and got back to get into my wet suit. It was actually warmer in the wet suit than in my clothing! @ 630 they called us to the start. The water was 59 degrees and everyone was talking about how cold it would be. I had read about what people do when its that cold and I told myself that I was Canadian (that doesn’t count anymore when you’ve been in California for 4 month) and that I swam in 53 degrees in MA last year…So I put two swim caps and off I went…well it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought( I guess I still have Canadian blood!) The air was colder than the water so it made it feel warm.

Off we went! there was maybe 30 of us. I tried to put my swim practices into play, stay calm swim, breath, calm,calm,…try to draft…well that didn’t happen! I was off the pace right away! But with all the swimming I’ve done I felt way more comfortable in the water and that made me feel better. I didn’t swim fast. I was probably 3 last out of the water. But as I touch the dock I was ready to pedal and I knew I could do that!

transition 1: Wet suit off, helmet on, shoes on and go. The bike route was hard , hilly and windy (for the one’s that wants to know: I had a pair of MAVIC ULTIMATES and they were great). I felt confident and I had to remember to hold back a little. I stayed calm over the hills and kept the pace up other wise. 15 miles to go my chain got stuck and it moved the rear brake and the wheel. I had to stop and try to fix it but sometimes with the adrenaline and everything your brain become mmmhhhhh numb:) I manage to think but lost about 3 minutes.

T2; by the time I reach t2 I had passed 13 Pro women on the bike and I was ready to run. I had drunk all my bottles on the bike and my gels. So I felt like I was going to be good to go. Wellllllllll:) first 4 miles I was doing ok but not like I wanted to feel. Then mile 5 came…CRAMPS! Both of my quads stop working telling me that I didn’t take care of them properly, that they need more food, more electrolytes , more salt, more foooddddddd! I tried to keep running but at that point it wasn’t running anymore. At mile 6 I called it a day.

What I learn:

-Those triathletes are amazingly fast

-Training and racing are 2 different things

-I need to eat more, drink more and pay better attention to what I need on race day and the days before.

-The marker that they use is a pain to get off your skin and it shows how old you are…well I was suppose to only have P for pro on my calf but the sweet little man that marked me thought I was a age grouper and ask me my age…I had no time to say hey! I …..that the marker was on my leg writing that BIG 35 and then I said” but Im in the Pro” he said opppsss and made a huge P under the 35!

-I need to give myself a chance

So in general it was a good day and a good learning experience. I would’ve had the best bike split if I didn’t have to stop on the bike which make me happy.

Thanks everyone for cheering for me that day via the athlete’s tracker, I could feel all you guys helping me go up the hills!

Thanks to all my sponsors

Till next time

A good friend of mine just send me that  and I thought it was perfect.

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Going far…

Today I had a very long run to do. The sky was blue and the temp perfect for it.

I left with 20 dollars in my pocket and my fuel belt.

I ran, ran more and more always with the wind. Passing along the Polo fields in Summerland, I got a peak at the huge flag…and it was flying high! I decided to keep going with the wind until I would be done and then I could find an option to make it back home:) I kept running feeling light on my feet as I past Carpinteria… I still had a good half an hour to go. I manage to get back to Carp with a 2h15 min on the clock. Got a coke (not diet!!) and a water and felt content with my day.

Went to the pet store on main street to ask the guy to call a cab for me:) I spent my 20 $ on dog treats and waited for my ride home out front. 20 min later he was there. Got home, gave the pooch a treat and left the house again for my short swim of the day. I’m tired.


It hasn’t been a year that I’ve started to train my swimming skills.

When I was a kid I went to summer camp at the Knowlton beach, got all the swim levels dialed, from orange to green to white. I was a pisces you know… that means I was borne with fins! Hhhhmmmmm maybe not…

I didn’t swim after that. I ran and biked. Last year I had to start training for my new goal: Ironman. I joined the Northshore swim club and got started. Craig lewin was great and help me go from orange adult swimmer to green:)

Since May last year I have been training from 2 to 3 times a week. I realized that I really needed to put more time into my swimming because in reality I am not a fish and swimming is not natural for me. I am affraid of the water. You wouldn’t be able to tell that Im affraid but I am. To not be able to breath as much as I want and when I want makes me nervous, makes me uncomfortable make me focus on the wrong things.

Tim and I have been in Santa Barbara for almost 2 months now. When I left Craig and the gang at the North Shore swim club I was wondering where I would train and who would be able to help me and spend the time one on one that I really needed like Craig was doing…

I looked around, I asked around, I tried a couple things but nothing was what I was looking for….Then Ken from team Type 1 refered me a guy. He is a kid but he know what he is doing. He used to swim in college, did water polo and coached swim teams around CA. He is perfect for me. Is name is Evan, we swim 4 to 5 times a week.  I am in the pool almost everyday, I feel the water, I feel the difference, I see the times going down…. I know Im on the right track. Evan doesn’t know me but he pushes me and showed me that there is nothing to be affraid of.

I have to say that things are going very well. And what a difference to swim in outdoor pools with the sun, it makes swimming way more fun than indoors…sorry for the one’s in MA:)

Last week I went to Ixtapa mexico for my cousin wedding , I had a Olympic pool  at 20 pesos from the hotel and a hot ocean to swim in. It was great. Another thing I went and swam with some of the bet swimmers in the worlds and learned alot….

till next time

My first marathon

Toronto, Canada

18th of October 2009

I knew I could run for a long time….that morning I was scared of the WALL!! When would it come, when was it going to hit my body head on? When was I going to have to maybe walk, stop and stretch when? I didn’t know. But I knew he was hiding…somewhere out there behind a bush, at a stop sign or even under one of the volunteer table…

My first marathon was my first big goal of the year (2009) I’ve never ran one before and of course this is a major part of an Ironman. I started training in May with short runs that became longer and longer with some tempo in there and some track workout. As the marathon came close I felt that I wasn’t quite ready for it with my “all over the place” schedule including a week at 105 degres mountain biking 5h or more a day in the dry climat of Kamloops BC, or the Fitchburg Lonsjo Cycling Classic, or the VT 50…8.5 hours in the rain amd MUD. Marathon training? NOT so much. But I kept coming back to my running suffering from the frequent stops. My longest run was 2hres and I had a hard time finishing with a real running stride. I told myself I wasn’t ready, how was I going to run a marathon in 3h20 (goal time) if I have a hard time doing 2hres? Well…I decide to go for it. I had register a while ago so my time was up and I wasn’t going to pass.

Tim was racing in Toronto 2 cyclocross races that same week end so we both made the trip. I watch him win on Saturday. I ran 30 min on the grass in the park and enjoyed the cycling fans company.

On Sunday I woke up early, didn’t wake up anyone and left before the sun was up. I knew where to park and where to take the shuttle to get to the start so nothing was stressful. While I was staying warm in a big indoor area someone said to me “Oh I see that you are returning to your sources” I was at first wondering why he was saying that but then I realized That he recognized me: my name was on my number.  I used to run….I ran 11 years before cycling: track, cross country and road. That was a nice little moment:)

Got to the start line with my rabbit showing 3h20min…Then I told myself that I was going to try with the rabbit of 3h10 and see how that goes.. START!!! Im running along with 3000 people its great, its feels like nothing….5km: On target…10km: On target  and no longer with the 3h10 rabbit. I left him. Am I going to fast? Stop thinking JUST RUN. 15km: On target….While Im running I have my mother in law that follows me with the athletes tracker and my coach at home…Half way point: 1h27;42 ok thats too fast I was supposed to pass between 1h35 and 1h40…Hmmmm? Stop thinking KEEP RUNNING! At that point I was in 2nd place. 25km: still going strong. 30km: Ok in 10 km I only have 2km to go and 10 km is not even 50 in running…piece a cake. 35km: outch my legs hurt but I don’t think thats the wall…in 5 km there is only about 2km to go and thats nothing. RUN. 38km: About 5km to go now Im hurting, legs feel like cramped but I don’t want to stop Im almost there… 40km: now there it is The WALL, he is there with boxing gloves waiting for me like a tiger …my face is cramped, I don’t remember what running feels like, my ears are cramped…but I can hear my guy at the start when I pasted him in the last 2 miles…Hey lyne good job way under 310! I kept  pushing my  body, I see the line …200m it feels like a km! Im there! 3h02min!

I wanted to cry, I was alone, no one at the finish waiting for me…Oh well! I got my medal and jump on the bus to try to get to my car so I could make it to Tim’s race at 2pm.

Do you know the worst thing you can do after a marathon? I know…SITTING!

I sat in the bus..could almost not get off…I sat in my car 45 min… and could barely  walk to the start of Tim’s race!

There you go that was it, my first ever marathon. With that time I qualified for Boston.