My first marathon

Toronto, Canada

18th of October 2009

I knew I could run for a long time….that morning I was scared of the WALL!! When would it come, when was it going to hit my body head on? When was I going to have to maybe walk, stop and stretch when? I didn’t know. But I knew he was hiding…somewhere out there behind a bush, at a stop sign or even under one of the volunteer table…

My first marathon was my first big goal of the year (2009) I’ve never ran one before and of course this is a major part of an Ironman. I started training in May with short runs that became longer and longer with some tempo in there and some track workout. As the marathon came close I felt that I wasn’t quite ready for it with my “all over the place” schedule including a week at 105 degres mountain biking 5h or more a day in the dry climat of Kamloops BC, or the Fitchburg Lonsjo Cycling Classic, or the VT 50…8.5 hours in the rain amd MUD. Marathon training? NOT so much. But I kept coming back to my running suffering from the frequent stops. My longest run was 2hres and I had a hard time finishing with a real running stride. I told myself I wasn’t ready, how was I going to run a marathon in 3h20 (goal time) if I have a hard time doing 2hres? Well…I decide to go for it. I had register a while ago so my time was up and I wasn’t going to pass.

Tim was racing in Toronto 2 cyclocross races that same week end so we both made the trip. I watch him win on Saturday. I ran 30 min on the grass in the park and enjoyed the cycling fans company.

On Sunday I woke up early, didn’t wake up anyone and left before the sun was up. I knew where to park and where to take the shuttle to get to the start so nothing was stressful. While I was staying warm in a big indoor area someone said to me “Oh I see that you are returning to your sources” I was at first wondering why he was saying that but then I realized That he recognized me: my name was on my number.  I used to run….I ran 11 years before cycling: track, cross country and road. That was a nice little moment:)

Got to the start line with my rabbit showing 3h20min…Then I told myself that I was going to try with the rabbit of 3h10 and see how that goes.. START!!! Im running along with 3000 people its great, its feels like nothing….5km: On target…10km: On target  and no longer with the 3h10 rabbit. I left him. Am I going to fast? Stop thinking JUST RUN. 15km: On target….While Im running I have my mother in law that follows me with the athletes tracker and my coach at home…Half way point: 1h27;42 ok thats too fast I was supposed to pass between 1h35 and 1h40…Hmmmm? Stop thinking KEEP RUNNING! At that point I was in 2nd place. 25km: still going strong. 30km: Ok in 10 km I only have 2km to go and 10 km is not even 50 in running…piece a cake. 35km: outch my legs hurt but I don’t think thats the wall…in 5 km there is only about 2km to go and thats nothing. RUN. 38km: About 5km to go now Im hurting, legs feel like cramped but I don’t want to stop Im almost there… 40km: now there it is The WALL, he is there with boxing gloves waiting for me like a tiger …my face is cramped, I don’t remember what running feels like, my ears are cramped…but I can hear my guy at the start when I pasted him in the last 2 miles…Hey lyne good job way under 310! I kept  pushing my  body, I see the line …200m it feels like a km! Im there! 3h02min!

I wanted to cry, I was alone, no one at the finish waiting for me…Oh well! I got my medal and jump on the bus to try to get to my car so I could make it to Tim’s race at 2pm.

Do you know the worst thing you can do after a marathon? I know…SITTING!

I sat in the bus..could almost not get off…I sat in my car 45 min… and could barely  walk to the start of Tim’s race!

There you go that was it, my first ever marathon. With that time I qualified for Boston.