last couple days or so.

Life is always a challenge.

Back track to last saturday… Tim was racing In Dana Point, south of LA, and I was home training. I got a message that he had called. So after my last interval I stopped and listen to my voice mail. I am always a little nervous when he races but usually in a time trial things go well and I know he wont crash……Well I guess The TT at Dana Point was the exception of the rule.

Going full speed in a turn, down he went…he hit one of those reflector in the road (famous in California). So the message was “Well I crashed in the tt but im fine, just my ankle hurts a little”. I was relieved to hear that and gave him a call.

Came home the next day with a cast. Broken.

So for the next 4 weeks he is handicap.

Sea Otter was coming up and Tim needed to go up to do some stuff with SRAM. It was also my last opportunity to bring my motorcycle to Troy so he could drive it back to the East Coast in the big Green Cannondale  truck. Thats a plus for me cause I wont have to drive the tundra with the moto in the back. Things went well, Tim did more step with his crutches than I did running. We stayed in 2 nice hotels (thanks to SRAM) and had 2 great dinners,(Thanks to SRAM, Anthony from GIANT STRAWBERRY and  Johannes from CANNONDALE), one word : DELICIOUS !

In the mean time our good friend Jesse was baby sitting our dog Vitesse….Jesse is always aware and takes care of her like she’s his. But sometimes shit happens. Vitesse took off to see the neighbourgs dog on the other side of the street. Of course, a car was coming. She went face first into the side of the car, got scared, turned around, somehow got her toes nails ripped off and cut her paw. Back at the house like a car had ran her over…Oh wait thats what just happen. Her paw was bleeding a lot and Jess was I guess starting to think really really fast in his head!

I had left a paper on the fridge with vet info along with when to feed her and the poop schedule:).

Jesse wrapped her paw in a towel and picked up Vitesse to carry her to the vet ( 3 min walk)…50 meters down the street he put her down cause she was too heavy! 75 pounds is not lightweight! Vitese pulled Jesse all the way to the doctor.

I guess she did a mess at the vet office: blood everywhere…Thats my dog:)

She will be fine nothing broken but her little back leg is  looking a little rough right now…Ouff.

She will now be handicap for a couple days.

Bottom line I have two handicap in the house.

Oh and just got a phone call from Tim: I have another bone broken in my foot….Crap.

The week of motion sickness

This last week,Claudia,Tim’s mom, came for 6 days to visit us here in Santa Barbara.

Before she got here we had made a list of things she might want to do : whales watching, a visit at the zoo, a motorcycle ride up on the foothills, a dinner at the beach restaurant, State street and more…We did all that + hang-gliding! YES hang-gliding.

Sunday after my swim I stopped at the beach to take a quick nap while Tim and Claudia where on the moto. As I close my eyes I hear that swooooooshhh sound coming. I didn’t have time to look that the hang-glider was passing 6 feet over my head like a big bird…a big huge bird! and landed just beside me after a loop in the air! At first I tough:” geeeeezzzzzz he scared the sh%$& out of me, I hope he was under control…” then after closing my eyes for another 10 min I decided to head back home. He was there. The guy. He was carefully packing his bird in his bag. I started talking to him and ask if he was flying people….

He gave me his card.

So monday we went whales watching. I took dramamine and didn’t feel awesome but manage to get to shore with out getting green.

In the mean time I had done a google search on the guy….*Zach Majors, hang-gliding worlds team, have been flying since …forever. Hhhhhmmmmm that will be a great adventure for my sweet mother in law:)

Wednesday we were on it. I had reserved. Claudia and I where going to fly !!!! I was very excited for her but also for me.

Again I took dramamine. We met at the landing zone and drove to the top of Gibraltar (very twisty road) I kept my eyes on the road and I was ok. Claudia had her short little talk for security  before she jump with Zac. She flew like a pro. They did some twisty things in the air and the landing only left her with a 1st base slide on the pants:)

My turn. The air was great and Zac hurried to pack the bird so we could try to reach the beach with my flight. For that we would be in the air longer and needed to get higher. Back in the truck to do that sweet drive up Gibraltar ( did I say sweet?) still felt ok on that one…maybe not…

We took off.

I was enjoying the flight as we were trying to catch some height, turning and turning more…and then…Green.

I call it green but it includes : hot flashes, sweats, puke feeling, pass out feeling, light headed…NOT GOOD. I wasn’t saying much so Zac said: “let me know if you are ok and any time we can land.” Ok I need to land ASAP:) I said.

I was waiting and waiting and the time felt still. We were stuck in the air ,I could see the landing but it felt so far away…just to far for me to hold it in!

ARRRGGGGG, YOU motion sickness, thing that I was born with, I HATE YOU!

the landing was pretty smooth but let me tell you how much I couldn’t wait to lay down in the field. My dream. I would’ve lay down anywhere really…I wasn’t green anymore but more like white, ghost color.

I lay there for a while while Zac, Tim and Claudia talked about the flights. I barely heard anything…I was out.

So that was wednesday. Remember monday we went whales watching…Well till this saturday I felt sick everyday and It seems like the green doesn’t want to leave me…I feel it once in a while.

After those two activities I told Tim to remind me, If I ever want to jump off a plane, that  Im just not made for that.


My husband

Tim is an do it all kind of guy… except vacuuming of course! He races road with United health Care, and Cyclocross with Cannondale. He has NO week end off beside’s the one that Im not home!

He is currently at training camp with the boys in Tucson after a stop on the east coast for 48 hres:  just enough time for a party to say thanks to everyone for a great season and a photo shoot in NY for Men’s Journal. Yup, he is now a SUPAH STAR!

He just raced Cyclocross worlds Championship  in Tabor, Czech Republic on the 31st of January. He was shooting for a top 10 and got 14th. He did great. He told me he was happy with his race but off course wish he had a little more…Tim has always impress me as a bike racer. He is not the most powerful guy out there, not the tallest one and doesn’t have a world champion jersey in is drawers….But he has a heart and the strength of 10 when it comes to fighting for a spot, for a win, for a top 20, 15 or 10. He will NOT give up. He will dig until the tank is empty. I never saw anyone coming from behind in a race like Tim does…He can flat, roll a tire, loose 20 or more spot and still make it to the podium! To me he is the best cross racer in the US. Not only because he is my husband but because I know what a good bike racer is:)

Today I raced up Painted cave to the top of  La Cumbre peak: 53 minutes. I felt good, I used Tim’s bike and wear is vest to feel a little bit of is fight:) I did I think! Madonna, Coldplay and Buckcherry help too… but mostly the inspiration.

NOTE: This year worlds was a great one also because the city of Louisville, KY will host the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships and thats huge. It really shows how cyclocross grew in the last couple years here in America. Congrats!

Rainy morning in SB…

My mom.

I look like her. She is a fighter and I love her.

After 2 years of helping my dad get his Lupus sorted out and in control, she needed a good new.

But she didn’t.

She was diagnose with the “Hodgkin” type lymphoma cancer in January.

She has already started her first Chemotherapy treatment and will have 2 a month for 4 months.

I know she is strong and that she will get through that but every morning when I wake up I wonder why Its happening to her?

And why is it happening to our society?

I believe. I have faith.

Mom we will ride our motorcycle together soon


I found it!

The candy store!!! Its on the Pier In Santa Barbara!

I did a pit stop there today on my way back from the pool. Its was a beautiful day, sunny with a nice breeze…and I needed candy!

I have that thing…for candy. Some people have it for beers or cigars, I have it for sweets. I get that from my mom and all of my sweet tooth!

As I was traveling and racing for many years I got to visit a couple of them…I even have a very nice one, actually my favorite one, in my home town Knowlton,QC. Nicole, the owner, even give me a 10% off of all my purchases:) Now thats a deal! The other good one’s are the Phily airport..I think terminal C, Powell’s candy store in Boulder and the one in Bend( I visited that one a couple times in Dec…). There is one in Redondo Beach, that one is very small and its under the walkway…you really need to use your nose to find that one!  Then, there is the Candy Man just before the ferry from Southampton…Let’s see…Rockport, MA, Beverly Farm,MA, Montreal airport,QC and more. I just can’t think of them all but I know Im missing a few. If anyone know’s about some good one’s please email me:)

Oh and the bag is empty. Already. Good thing it was small……………………. NOT!

2 more: Park City, UT( Sugar Buzz) and they have mini cupcakes!, Carpenteria, CA on Linden st ,couple blocks from the beach! (Robitaille’s fine candies)