Our Dogs.

I present you MayMay but her real name is Monkey May. We rescued her and her brother 6 years ago when Vitesse passed away from lymphoma cancer. She is full of energy, loves rolling in the snow, chasing dear and squirrels and laying on Tim’s lap. She is the softest dog I have ever pet, a perfect little lab mutt.

Her brother, Little Man, that was his name in the first place, Is the opposite of MayMay. His fur is rough, long and dry. He reminds me of a horse. His front legs are longer than the back  and he walks like a duck witch makes him look a little weird. His ears are short and his fu-man-shu give him the perfect look of a man. He loves to eat coconut fat and could spend all day in front of the fire. He is just like Tim !

life after Vitesse…

Tim and I have 2 new pups since last year. Vitesse was our first dog and she left us with so many beautiful memories.

Vitesse was such a awesome dog that we needed 2 to make it up to her!

Here they are: Monkey May, 40 pounds lab mix with the energy of 3. We think she has ADD:) and her bro, Litte man, he is chill and can sleep all day without being bothered ūüôā

Vitesse: our brown girl

Last year in January, my mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer.

This year in January, my brown pup was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer.

My best friend’s dad said that Vitesse took my mom’s cancer to save her life…I believe him. Vitesse is always the first one to take care of a tear, a sadness or a sickness. She is always there when you need her, she loves you no matter what, she give’s kisses even when you don’t ask for them, she braves the cold to greet you at the car when you get home, you can always count on her warmth and her snuggle….

Friday the 7th Vitesse was taken to the emergency hospital for doggies in Canada… They told me 4 to 6 weeks. We were devastated. I couldn’t believe that this little brown thing was going to leave us.

Since that day, Vitesse lost 10 pounds, she take drugs to make her life easy and comfortable. She is very calm, still keeps me warm in bed at night and run in the snow first thing in the morning. No more snowshoeing for her on long walk outside cause her skin and bone jacket is not quite enough.

I don’t know when… But Im taking each minute of each day to make sure she is close to me, not hungry ¬†and comfortable.

Tim is in europe and Vitesse told me she can’t wait to see him:)

thanks for reading

last couple days or so.

Life is always a challenge.

Back track to last saturday… Tim was racing In Dana Point, south of LA, and I was home training. I got a message that he had called. So after my last interval I stopped and listen to my voice mail. I am always a little nervous when he races but usually in a time trial things go well and I know he wont crash……Well I guess The TT at Dana Point was the exception of the rule.

Going full speed in a turn, down he went…he hit one of those reflector in the road (famous in California). So the message was “Well I crashed in the tt but im fine, just my ankle hurts a little”. I was relieved to hear that and gave him a call.

Came home the next day with a cast. Broken.

So for the next 4 weeks he is handicap.

Sea Otter was coming up and Tim needed to go up to do some stuff with SRAM. It was also my last opportunity to bring my motorcycle to Troy so he could drive it back to the East Coast in the big Green Cannondale  truck. Thats a plus for me cause I wont have to drive the tundra with the moto in the back. Things went well, Tim did more step with his crutches than I did running. We stayed in 2 nice hotels (thanks to SRAM) and had 2 great dinners,(Thanks to SRAM, Anthony from GIANT STRAWBERRY and  Johannes from CANNONDALE), one word : DELICIOUS !

In the mean time our good friend Jesse was baby sitting our dog Vitesse….Jesse is always aware and takes care of her like she’s his. But sometimes shit happens. Vitesse took off to see the neighbourgs dog on the other side of the street. Of course, a car was coming. She went face first into the side of the car, got scared, turned around, somehow got her toes nails ripped off and cut her paw. Back at the house like a car had ran her over…Oh wait thats what just happen. Her paw was bleeding a lot and Jess was I guess starting to think really really fast in his head!

I had left a paper on the fridge with vet info along with when to feed her and the poop schedule:).

Jesse wrapped her paw in a towel and picked up Vitesse to carry her to the vet ( 3 min walk)…50 meters down the street he put her down cause she was too heavy! 75 pounds is not lightweight! Vitese pulled Jesse all the way to the doctor.

I guess she did a mess at the vet office: blood everywhere…Thats my dog:)

She will be fine nothing broken but her little back leg is ¬†looking a little rough right now…Ouff.

She will now be handicap for a couple days.

Bottom line I have two handicap in the house.

Oh and just got a phone call from Tim: I have another bone broken in my foot….Crap.